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I’ve been “in the gym” and “counting my calories” these past few months, so I’m slowly beginning to reach the weight where it’s expected that I should take a vague interest in my clothes, rather than just rock hoodies and t-shirts with so little fit to them they may as well be binliners with armholes. But it’s difficult for a man, you know? Nobody wants to be that one guy who permanently looks like the edge dude at the offices. Well done, you’re wearing a three-piece suit to your job as junior copywriter, aren’t you one cool customer? So we need guidance. You need guidance. I need guidance.

Thankfully, Tumblr account Clubberin is here to help you out, with its screengrabs of 1980s video promos on YouTube. In an ideal world, this would be accompanied by some sort of NerdBoyfriend-style breakdown of where to buy each item of clothing listed, so I knew where to cop a chocolate-button striped shirt and a suede ten-gallon hat. Anyway, visit the site asap and here’s just a few of our favourite looks to pad space out:

Wrestlers don’t wear hats enough anymore. Destroying a guy’s hat used to be a big heat spot in southern territories, but now they’re all too busy playing video games and smoking synthetic weed to get fitted for something with a brim. I like the oversized plaster effect combined with the big hat here, it reminds me of that one guy from the St. Lunatics who used to wear the Phantom of the Opera mask. This is the part of the blurb where I make a joke about Tommy Rich sucking a promoter off for a world title run.

Well, obviously. Little bit of everything going on here, aging gay costume designer whose mother has just died on the hairdo, guy thinking about interviewing The Locust for his fanzine in 2002 on the hat, jovial taxi driver on a rare night out with the lads on the shirt and I don’t even know what the fuck that neckerchief is doing but I think I need to go out and cop one asap.

Remember that “PS” stands for “Purely Sexual”. It’s like a feral Bee Gee. Congrats to Hayes for going two minutes without using a racial slur though, baby steps.

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