Chief Jay Strongbow is dead

Posted on April 3, 2012 by


It’s taken over three months for it to happen, but is proud to announce that the first of the 50 guys we predicted to drop dead this year, Chief Jay Strongbow, has performed his last racially insensitive raindance at the age of 83. We had him as our #21 pick, meaning that the twenty-player team dead pool we entered into with a themed side scores fuck all points for him. Cheers Jay.

Of course, usually at this point we’re meant to share some fond reminisces of the guy or talk about what he “meant” to us on a greater level, but Strongbow was just an Italian-American with some feathers in his hair going “woop woop woop” and not wearing any shoes. I assume, I dunno, I’ve never seen a Chief Jay Strongbow match. Like I said in the original entry, I thought he’d died in 2002 but that was Wahoo McDaniel.

Interestingly (“interestingly”) enough, when Greg Valentine got to the WWF in the early 80s he did an exact replica of the “breaking a Native American’s leg” angle he did in the Mid-Atlantic circuit with McDaniel, except with Strongbow. I can’t believe professional wrestling would ever do something that was both derivative and racist at the same time.

It’s said that Bobo Brazil died of a heart attack while watching the first DX/Austin/Mike Tyson confrontation on Raw. I like to feel that Strongbow was so overcome with the excitement of Albert’s return to American network TV that he went out like that. And that’s surely the way we’d all like to leave this realm.

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