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Chris Jericho vs Mean Mike Enos – WCW Nitro, 23 September 1996

December 8, 2011


This was prompted by me only realising in the last month that WCW curtain-jerker Mike Enos was WWF curtain-jerker Blake Beverly, which just goes to show how good a disguise a scraggly moustache and an air of effeminate condescension can be. The Beverlys weren’t major players in the early 90s tag scene; as a youth […]

Very Important Recap: WWE Survivor Series 2011

November 22, 2011


Hi everyone. Sorry my rant on Survivor Series is a little late but I had a lot of college essays to do for college. I am going to say what happened and then say whether it was good and give it a rating. Well, here is my rant. I hope you enjoy it. Johnny Ace […]

Death Valley Driver Post of the Week

November 21, 2011


PRM is committed to fostering and contributing towards a healthy, productive discourse on professional wrestling.  With that in mind, we present the first in a semi-regular series where we curate relevant or thought-provoking posts made elsewhere in the grand melting pot of Internet wrestling discussion, and grade them according to an objective scale. So, to […]