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February 24, 2012 by


  CM Punk finally responds to Paul Nicholson over Twitter. It’s been a long, long time coming. Advertisements

Chris Brown, CM Punk, Twitter, blah blah blah

February 20, 2012 by


If 2010-era blogger Carles is correct and all music can be boiled down to a series of memes, then CM Punk truly is the only rock star left in wrestling. Whether he’s telling people they have a vagina, demanding ice cream bars, being friends with the one from Deuce n Domino who wasn’t Jimmy Snuka’s […]

Brief Thoughts on the 2012 Royal Rumble

January 30, 2012 by


Do they still do “best gimmick” awards in year-end polls? Because the 2011 winner has to be my man D-Bry. “Lonely nerd who finally achieves a position of power and takes out his frustration at his social anxieties on all around him” is most reality-based gimmick since the glory days of Colonel DeBeers. We can […]

Hulk Hogan explicitly states that he is going to physically attack Kasabian

January 26, 2012 by


Look, Playing Ricky Morton is, at heart, a content farm. So occasionally we toss out some Googlebait and, because our social media game is tight (Klout rating of 51, check ‘em) we get the hits. One such example was the piece on “The Asset” Paul Nicholson’s copying of CM Punk’s branding, celebrations and attitude in […]

“The Asset” Paul Nicholson shouts out CM Punk again

November 18, 2011 by


OK, let’s break this down into its component parts for those of you who had the classes with five people in and two teaching assistants at school: Paul Nicholson, aka “The Asset” is a British/Australian darts play with the kind of accent I always imagine Baz from The Fat Slags to have. Darts players nowadays […]

Barbershop Window T-Shirts: are they any good?

November 6, 2011 by


Man, I’ve read every single word of “Put This On”. I even hit up Jesse Thorn on the Twitter. And I can’t find an answer to the one question that has long bothered me: is it every acceptable for an adult male to wear a professional wrestling t-shirt? In the absence of a response from […]

So, yeah, Papoose sampled CM Punk

October 30, 2011 by


It was this song that made me finally realize that there needs to be a wrestling blog for those of us have basic social skills and an awareness of the world around us that extends past Firefly.  Because, let’s be honest here, who the fuck is going to publish 300 words on a Papoose song […]